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Poly Tarpaulin

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About PE Tarpaulin/ Poly Tarpaulin

POLY TARPAULINS are made out of High Density Polythene (HDPE) Fabric and low density (LDPE) Coating on both side. Poly Tarpaulin is Heat sealed, so without sticking. Eyelets are provided at distance of every 1.5 mtrs. all around & corner.Technology & available in different colours & special sizes suit your various application/ requirements. A Tarpaulin manufactured to stringent quality standards, Tarpaulin is recognized for consistency and durability. Tarpaulin is born tough, with built-in strength to withstand reputed use. Available in various colour and sizes. Shiltrap Tarpaulin is just perfect for any application.


Tarpaulin for Emergency Relief:

It is meant for Temporary shelters during natural disasters like fluid, Land slide etc.Since it is light weight, UV stabilized,easely handle.

Tarpaulin for Storage :

UV stablished, it projects valuable commodities, food grains, cotton, fertilizer & chemical from dampness. Strong and sturdy, it takes care of your valuable goods just like a weather proof second skin.

Tarpaulin for Tendu Leaves :

Tarpaulin is excellent for Tendu leaf operation as it is lightweight, easy to carry and quick to use. It is dust and water proof.

Tarpaulin for Transport :

Extra strong Tarpaulin projects valuable cargo during transportation by road, rail or ship from rain and hot winds. Shiltrap Tarpaulin ensures that the cargo is safe and intact.

Tarpaulin for Outdoors :

High tech Tarpaulin is ideal for picnics & outdoor functions. Trekkers, campers and holiday makers have a trustworthy friend in Tarpaulin, that is ideal for shelter against sun and rain.

  • Temporary Shelters
  • Cap Covers
  • Pound Lining
  • Floor Lining
  • Truck Covers
  • Poultry Curtains
  • Machinery Covers
  • Fumigation Covers
  • Railway Wagon Cover
  • Automobile Covering
  • Swimming Pool Cover etc.
  • Construction Sites cover
  • Suitable to Protect any products from Sun, Rain, Dust Transport Truck covering, Ship Container Covering Marine use etc. Agriculture application, Grain Heaps Covering Green House, Canal Lining

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